Video 7 is online! Rock climbing in Red Rocks!

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Good sport climbing video from Red Rocks.


Video 6 is Online! Climbing from Joshua Tree

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Just finished the new video.

Climbing from Joshua Tree. Nice Head Camera footage.

Joshua Tree

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The drive over to USA from Canada vent quickly. The customs on the border took quite a time, that might because the car looks like a drug-trafficking-car, was full of stuff and young people driving. The only thing they took was the oranges. We stopped in Leavenworth for few days and did some skiing and climbing Vantage with Einar and Erin, then we hit the road.

Finally after 22 hours of straight driving we arrived to the desert. Now we get the chance to get rid of that ski goggle tan we got up north and climb some rocks in the sun. I´s almost to warm here and hard to fins shade. The climbing is amazing: piles of huge granite stones in between joshuatrees ans cactus. There is no water in the park, obviously…it´s a desert so you have to stash up with food and water before you go to the campsite. Although the sun is nice I think we are going to beg for clouds after few days !

Video 5 is Here!

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Good skiing and climbing in this video. Enjoy!

New video! Canada 4/10

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Ice climbing road trip

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Ok. Here it goes.

Weeping Wall

We had few things on our mind. First of all we were going to climb route called Nine WI6, 85m, the day after climb Polar Circus WI5, 700m and then something nice and easy on the last day…so 3 days road trip in all. We packed our shit and left Golden early in the morning. Canada has endless roads so in about 2.5 hours we found our selves under the route Nine.

Unfortunately, it had been really sunny for many many days and the big pillar had melted a lot and big part was missing at the base since we looked at it a month ago. Not knowing what to do we headed for Weeping Wall to make the most of the day. After climbing the 3 pitches of the lower part, we thought that we might as well climb the upper part, a long strenuous 3 pitch long WI6 route called Weeping Pillar. Weeping Wall is in the sun for most of the day so the ice gets quite baked after a while. I looked up and thought: This looks alright, there is not that much ice falling down and it´s not that wet. Foolish. Starting the pitch in steep slush of ice and pushing ice screws in the ice. It began to feel unpleasant. Bad protections I can handle, I thought, but soon as the ice bombardment from above started I started to have different thoughts. Maybe this is not a good idea, again I ignored my foolish thoughts and kept on going step by step. About 40m into the first pitch I was looking down to Danni and got hit heavily in the back of my head below the helmet. This was it, I went down as quickly as possible and we literally ran down. The ice bombardment was getting so heavy that is was like 2nd world war and the Germans were flying over and dropping ice bombs all over the place. Well, it´s better to be a baler then a dead hero we agreed. Down safely to the car after a good rest day for Polar Circus.

The only thing to do was find a place to sleep and make dinner. The rope was really frozen and most of the stuff wet after the day so  decided to try out the Rampart Creek hostel on icefields parkway. Apparently it´s only closed on Mondays so the only thing that waited for 5 tired people was the 3.5sqm platform at the back of our car. It fits perfectly if everyone lies on their side and only if you don´t move at all for the whole night.

Dinner was made on msr stoves with regular car fuel, pasta with mushrooms and bacon…mmm, I guess I´m getting too used to the pasta! Smoothly it went down and we went to sleep. We slept like babies although it was really tight and a lot of spooning needed. That might only be because the valve of the stove was leaking during the night and there was terrible fuel smell in the car.

Polar Circus WI5, 700m

Many many dead braincells later me and Danni woke up at 0500 to get ready for the climb. Melting snow and getting stuffed with oatmeal we got everything we needed. A short walk up to the route, enough to warm you up. Beautiful still weather, clear sky with stars and moonlight…how romantic weather to climb this sexy route. Crampons on and now it begins. We quickly soloed the first pitches, up to WI4 and after that the rope was involved. Polar Circus offers grate 700 vertical meters of climbing with 500m of ice up in the air. I use to have 60m rope and it happened every then and again that I needed those extra 10 meters to finish so I decided to treat me a 70m rope. After climbing and climbing we finally reached the final crux pitches. For the people that know me I have a big problem with sweaty feet and they tend to get really cold because my shoes get so wet that they lose their insulation. But no worries, I came prepared and bought those fancy toe warmers. With numb toes I looked forward to those. I threw them in and already got warm and tingly in my mind. After an hour of climbing, still with cold and numb toes I angrily threw them out again. Instead I spent quit amount of time with my shoes of trying to bring my toes back to life. And yes, miracles still happen and they got warm again.

Looking up and thinking, dam this thing is big. We have been climbing our asses off and it just keeps on coming, still four pitches left. This is where the 70m rope fits right in. It´s so convenient, instead of climbing 4 pitches you can climb it in two pitches. To safe time we agreed to make it a quick climb in two long pitches.

The first part was really wet. Steep ice formed like candles hanging down form micro mushrooms and impossible to protect. After that there was good ice all the way up.Fully stretched strenuous  70m of steep ice and we found our selves under the last two pitches of the rout. Shit, it looks really long. Do you think its only 70m said Danni? Sure, and if I cant reach the top you just start climbing. Deal. This is going to be run out I though, with only 9 ice screws for the lead and making a belay at the top…I climbed away.

The ice was really good for a concrete to be. Hammering and hammering the hard packed plastered Canadian ice I was getting closer and closer to the top. This is really long way to go on steep and hard ice like this, I´m getting a little bit tired I thought. Well, it´s a good exercise, lets make the most out of it. Finally the rope was finished and I was 70m up the route…but still not at the top. I waited for a bit and Danni started to give out slack, ok he´s climbing. I kept on going for 10m more and I conquered the monster in 30min total. Danni came up in 40min and we lived happily ever after. But wait, the climbing is not over until your back home again. Like all climbers know, abseiling is the boring part of climbing and we were high up which means that we had a lot of boring abseiling on our minds. It went fast and smooth and 9 hours car to car we were drinking beerand on the way to our next stop: the famous Eddie burgers in Banff. Next stop, relaxing at the Banff hot spring and then some more beer. After thinking shortly about where to stay for the night the choice was obvious. It was either loosing more braincells in the car, have frozen ropes and wet stuff the day after or…spend a little bit more money and stay at a hotel. Hotel it is.

Louise Falls WI 4+to WI 5

There is nothing better than waking up in a cheap hotel that is under renovation, lying in an old and hard bed. Well, it was a damn good bed when I went to sleep. After some breakfast and Star Bucks coffee we were on the road again and heading for Louis Falls. 20min walk over the frozen lake we started the climb, Me, Ingvar and Rannveig. Danni had a busted knee from the day before, he got hit by a big chunk of ice. Easier first pitch, about 60m, then moving on to curtain of ice and up steep pillar to the top. Rannveig did a really good job on her 3rd ice climb of her life and up she went. Happy to go home after 3 good days of climbing we headed to Golden in the toxic car. Everything smelled like gas, our clothes, sleeping bags and our food. The first thing we did in Golden was to vacuum the car, scrub the interior and empty whole can of air freshener in it.


Marble Canyon – Ice climbing

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Last Friday we went to this amazing place called Marble canyon. Marble canyon is in Yoho national park and is famous tourist attraction for its landscape scenery and canyon features. The original plan was to go to Hafner Ceek but since we´d already been there we headed for Marble Canyon instead. Kind of a roadside climbing, you just have to walk for about 10min and you are there. Ási´s collar bone is still hurting so no climbing for him, he tagged along to take pictures and videos.

To get to the climbing you put up a belay at the top and rappel down in the canyon…so make sure that you can climb back up again. The river at the bottom was partly frozen and you could easily walk there but you had to be careful because sometimes the river came through, ice was sometimes thin and the river quite deep in some places.

The first route we climbed is called the Tokkume Pole WI5+ 40m. It´s a really cool line going up thin overhanging ice, hoocking some eyebrows on the overhanging rock and then move onto this huge free hanging pillar. The Ice was rather technical and a lot of icicles made it tricky to protect. Finally at the top, and Danni followed like there was no tomorrow. Great route and the weather wasn´t spoiling it: Sunshine, clear sky and no wind…although we didn´t get much sunlight down in the canyon. The canyon is so narrow that you can touch wall to wall in some places.

Lunch brake at the top…but wait, where is Ási ? We heard weak scream from the bottom of the canyon: “Hey guise, can you throw down a sandwich ?”. Ahh, of course…he´s still down there so we threw down his sandwich, tanned a little bit in the sun and then rappelled down to join Ási again, poor boy.

The next project looked interesting. It was a large 10m free hanging pillar with obvious fracture line at the top. I took a look at it, was thinking of my weight vs mass of ice ratio and I wasn´too sure. After pressing the “off” button of my thoughts I tied the rope to me, took deep breath and started the climb. There was no way I´m going to put ice screws in that thing, I thought, so I started the climbing. When I fist touched the big dildo I felt it vibrating like hell, scary I though so I switched to ballet. Hooking the ice and tapping with my wrist, stepping gently down like a butterfly and pressing the crampon points into the ice. About 10-12m up the ice was solid enough for a secure ice screw and I put one in to ease the atmosphere. Since I was past the free hanging stuff I could start to hammer the ice like real ice climber, not dancing ballet like a frikin fairy.

The rest of the route was good ice up to a BIG stone that was jammed between the canyon walls. Traversing past that and up to some weird snow  that was followed by a snow ledge up to the top, 30m in total. I started hammering the ice and the pick just wouldn´t stick. It was like hitting concrete you just can´t.

Up we were again and Ási did a really good job as the designated photo/videoist. But wait, where is Ási…20min later he was up, sweaty as hell after jumaring  all the 40m up to the top in his down jacket. When were leaving the canyon he could not find his video camera. His pocket apparently was open while going up so there was only one thing to do: I rappelled down the big free hanging dildo again, got the camera and climbed up again. Really good day and we had a safe drive back home for beer.

Best wishes to Iceland,


Golden – Rogers Pass

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The story

No snow for 3 weeks now, and the slack country around Kicking Horse resort is all getting skied, hard to find anything fresh. That drove us to go even further from the resort. Last Tuesday we decided to do a little traverse from Golden BC to Rogers Pass national park. The rout we planned offered about 45km of great ski walking for 3 days and awesome never ending power hills.

Day one

So early start on Tuesday morning, after we´d spent the day before packing food and other food-ish things in zip locks, we headed for the first gondola on top of the mountain. We picked a line close to gully on the north east side of the mountain where the forest was the least condensed. It was good hill for the start, little bit of tricky sun crust on top and weird balance with the backpack. The last part of the run was hard skiing because the forest was really thick and you could not see anything for all the branches that hit you in the face. From the valley bottom we had few hours of walking until we hit camp 1.

Canada is great for at least one thing compared to Iceland…there is no wind at all, at least here.  The camping was really easy: We dug a platform in the snow, tied the tarp to some trees and used ski poles to raise it up above us…and that´s it. Then we broke some dead branches of the trees and made fire, drank tea, ate chicken risotto and chocolate mousse in dessert. I slept like a baby. No wind, no noise just a little bit of snowflakes touching gently down to the ground.

Day 2

This day was probably the most technical one. When we woke up it was total whiteout. You could see something down in the valley where the trees were, but up in the alpine…nothing. You could not notice if you were moving or standing still. This was a big problem for us because it´s difficult to decide if the route you are choosing is safe or not, we´d only seen it on map. Finally we got safe up on top of the ridge an we were preparing for a long and good ski hill. The conditions were not perfect at the top, alot of rocks in the beginning and the snow pack was really thin. I (Robbi) skied down by cutting the very top of the hill close to a big rock and skied to a safe spot. Part of the hill shattered and the thing we had worried about was real. The avalanche was not really big, about 1.5 on the scale, but big enough to injure you and you´re in the middle of no where, far from everything. Since we had a clear run down there we skied one at a time and had a great skiing down to the trees where we put up camp 2.

Again, there was this broke back mountain feeling in the air. 3 Lonely cowboys in the middle of the snow desert, sitting by the campfire, drinking soups, eating chicken risotto, some chocolate mousse, hugging after a great ski day, and in the end:  spooning in a tight snow cave.

Day 3

Early start. We were up at 0700, not early enough, got our shit together and hit the snow. We had skied down from south side of Copperstain mountain the other day and the plan today was to ski down the NE side of Bald mountain through burned forest.

This day we had the best visibility, so there was some nice skiing ahead. The hike on top of Bald mountain was not that long and soon we found our selves skiing down the most spectacular hill I have ever skied. With powder up to your knees, and sometimes to your waist, making tight turns past the burned trees and  jumping between powder pillows, there is no way words can describe. At the bottom of the valley (Between Bald and Mt. Sir Donald)  the forest got really thick. It felt more like bush walking than skiing. Finally, we got all the way down to the valley and had only 5km of flat skiing to go. Not more then 2 hours right ?

The trip was only starting now… The forest was so thick, and the hills so steep we had to move down on the river. At least that was flat but we had to cross many many snow bridges on the way ans zig zagging to follow it. Soon, the ice on the river started to shatter up and we had to go back into the forest. We were moving so slowly and we all knew it, we also knew that we had only short time left until the pitch black would catch us. Finally, we found a flat part in the forest and then it happened, we ran out of daylight. Very strange feeling, we have no forests like this in Iceland, but when it got dark the tress got thicker and we became smaller. We could no longer see where to go, not past the 10m light beam we had on our heads. Breaking our way through the branches and climbing over fallen trees for ages we finally found open area with snomobile tracks that we followed all the way to the parking lot where we were picked up. It took us 6 hours to travel those short 5km !

After this forest experience I truly understand arsonists ! You cant even see the forest because of the trees.

Robbi, Danni and Doddi.

Next Video! 2/10

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Here we go. Enjoy.

No fresh snow but the ice climbing…sweeet

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It has not dumped here for here for 4 days so we decided to do something else. After skiing in 50cm of crazy powder you get kind of spoiled. So we headed out to ice climb. Our friends Arnar and Berglind came back to Golden to join us for some climbing.

We headed strait for the beer as usual…Guinness Gully WI4 245m, and Carlsberg Column WI5 60m. Really good day and nothing more to say about that.

The day after we woke up early to climb in Sunshine Walley, Bourgeau Left WI5, 185m. The weather was really good, sunshine and clear sky. We could see the route from the road, a beautiful 4 pitches of steep ice in the sunshine. The approach looked easy so we walked into the forest and followed the path. Before we knew we had lost the path and found our selves in snow up to waist with 10cm hard shell on top of it. It took us about two hours to find the route…I love those trees that allways block your view! Finally, after some scramble up some easy rocks we could start the route.

Ice was soft and it was really warm in the sun. The first 3 pitches were great. Feel good climbing with good sheltered belays. Then there was the last pitch… Really steep slush with icicles between. The lower part was hard to protect and you could push the ice screws into the ice, exactly what makes you feel good and comfortable. The ice got a little bit better at the top but still it was really sun baked. Everyone got up in one way or another and we came down early, although we had some troubles in the beginning.The right approach path would have taken about 30 min walk up.

We drove to Banff and had the best burgers ever at Eddies. Huge burgers with everything on it you can imagine. With full stomachs, relaxed after chilling in Banff hot springs we parked the car at a parking house, duck taped the rear windows and went to sleep. The night was cold, about -19°C and when we woke up we had to scrape the windows on the inside,and the interior of the car was all icy.

Just like any other ice climbing day we had trouble finding the route. The plan was to climb Kitty Hawk WI5 but we could by no chance find it. After endless driving, watching the fuel meter getting lower every minute we ended at the Weeping Wall. Started climbing around 14:30 and the sun was going down fast. On the second pitch Danni got bombarded in the head by friendly fire. ” Hey Robbi…this is not a good thing, I´m all feeling dizzy.” Then he saw some stars and more. When they came up to the belay I asked them if we should finish the rout ? Danni´s nose was all bleeding because he got hit again, but in the face this time by his own fire when chopping the tool in the ice. We decided to rappel down and he was not feeling good.

When we came back to the car just to realize that we´d forgot the lights on and it was out of power. Great. It was getting really dark and not many people driving around. We waited for about an hour in -20°C, and after stopping 6 cars we finally got jump start and had safe drive home.