About us

ICE is the name we are using on our videos. We like to take the video cameras with us when we go out playing and we have a lot of interest in video editing. These two work well together.

What we call “go out playing” is ice climbing, skiing, rock climbing and other fun activities.

So we needed a place to tell our stories and keep our videos at the same place, so we decided to use WordPress.com

I Hope you will enjoy our videos and our blogs. We will try not to  keep them too long.

We will be taking our first long trip in January, while we are there we will make a series of videos and post them here on this page. You can read more about that Here


6 Responses to “About us”

  1. I see that you are having a lot of fun….;-9. Hope to see more on your adventure.

  2. Welcome to Leavenworth or ´Das Rad Town´ as the locals call it. Enjoy the car and remember it´s only our fault if everything goes well with it… Have a great time on your journey, we´ll keep checking on you.

  3. Góða skemmtun öll sömul, Kanada rokkar !! Knús og kram til ykkar sem ég þekki 🙂

  4. Góða skemmtun vona að það gangi allt upp hjá ykkur…kveðja á þá sem ég þekki

  5. Gangi ykkur vel og það sem meira máli skiptir = skemmtið ykkur vel!
    Hlakka til að fylgjast með ykkur, héðan frá landi rigningar og roks!!
    knús á ykkur öll

  6. Sit hérna heima yfir bókunum í mígandi rigningu og leyfi mér að öfunda ykkur. Góða skemmtun snillingar 😉

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