Hafner Creek

Driving around in Canada is no walk in the park. The plan sounded easy, wake up early, drive to Hafner Creek and have a nice day of climbing. Apparently the Mixed climbing guidebook is not that accurate. According to the book we were supposed to park by the Marble Canyon. And so we drove on towards what we thought was Marble Canyon only to find our selves in some fancy spa hotel called Marble Canyon…two hours in the wrong direction.

We turned back and finally found the place. It was smaller than we thought and packed with people. After some tea drops and and fat sandwiches we forgot everything about getting lost in the morning. Hafner Creek offered really good mixed climbing with surprisingly good limestone. It was a nice social climbing day and everyone got a good workout.

The adventure started for real when we drove back to Golden. We were out of windshield washer and that is not a good thing. The roads them selves are good…they just don´t have signs, light reflectors on the side of the road and they put gravelmix on the roads to fuck with your windshield and visibility. Every time we passed a car it was impossible to see the road ahead and lack of windshield washer wasn´t helping either. Ingvar suggested that should quit climbing because it is much more exciting to drive like this when you can´t see shit. Finally the 130km of this terrible driving was over and we soon found our selves with beer in one hand and full bottle of windshield washer in the other.

Lower part of Hafner

Danni climbing Chai Master M7+


~ by icecommunity on January 21, 2010.

One Response to “Hafner Creek”

  1. Be GLAD that gravel and sand is on the roads in BC. Without it you would DIE. Cracked windshields are better than sliding and hitting the ditch or head on into a big truck.

    Enjoy BC.

    ps checkout Revelstoke Mtn Resort and if you are strong go touring in the Pass. that’s where the real pow is! Golden is for kids and old ladies 🙂

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