Life is good in Leavenworth

First things first. Find a car, prep the skis, and get ready for the 10 hour drive to Golden BC.

The life in Leavenworth, just east of Seattle, is easy and nice. We are staying at a friend´s house and they are taking good care of us.

The car is working fine except for few details…it´s full of trash, has 3 bees nest, broken starter and is tagged by the mexican mafia. We have been working on it and it´s starting to look really good.

Here is the car, needs a litle bit of digging.

Christmas crazy Americans !


~ by icecommunity on January 6, 2010.

One Response to “Life is good in Leavenworth”

  1. May the mexican mustache be with you guys! Thanks for sharing your adventure with those who staid on the iced rock, enjoy!! But as I said, do not forget to come back one day, we already miss you.

    Rannveig: whatever happens, I’ll send you some girl-power through the wind, when you need it, just breathe, I’m on your side! *-*

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